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How to Save Money on Petrol

How to Save Money on Petrol

In our last UBOMI blog post, we looked at some handy ways to save money at our weekly shop. Now, we’re going to look at another really expensive aspect of living in 2020 — petrol. So, how do we save money on petrol? 

Most of us have cars, because most of us enjoy the luxury of transporting oneself to another location without having to know bus schedules, tram schedules, train schedules, or pay for ride-sharing services.

We’ve all probably got someone in our lives, you know, that one grandparents who says, “Back in my day, petrol cost 10 cents a litre.” Not today, Grandpa! Petrol is expensive! And it’s only getting more expensive it seems!

Slow and steady wins the race

The ability to save money on fuel is entirely within your power, quite literally. You control it with your right foot… the accelerator and the brake! 

It’s been said that you can save up to 25% on the cost of fuel by taking off gently at the lights, and by maintaining a steady speed. How? It’s basic maths! 

When the lights go green, proceed gently. And if traffic ahead starts to slow, take your foot off the accelerator immediately. Don’t rely on accelerating and braking to get around town. 

If you do a lot of highway driving, maintain a nice cruising speed. Speeding up and slowing down, overall, can be a costly habit.

Manage your time well

This point actually has nothing to do with your car’s consumption of fuel or how you accelerate or brake. This point has everything to do with your time management and organisation skills. 

If you head from home to the shops, but forgot your shopping list, or left your wallet at home, you’re doing twice the mileage to perform the same task. Make sure you leave the house knowing exactly where you’re going with everything you need.

It’s also worth noting that the old wives’ tales like removing all the extra stuff in your boot and pumping your tyres up properly will reduce resistance and reduce your fuel consumption, are, in actual fact, completely true. However, don’t rely on them. 

Finally getting rid of those heavy suitcases of clothes you’re donating to charity won’t suddenly reduce fuel consumption and save you money. But, every little bit helps!

There’s no shame in driving like a granny if it means saving money on petrol! 

We’re here for you, for all things finance. 

Land on you feet with a helping hand from your mates at UBOMI!

If you like our ‘How to Save Money on Petrol‘, watch this space for regular updates and budgeting tips!