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How to Save Money on Your Phone

How to Save Money on Your Phone

If you’ve got a smartphone, there’s a good chance you use it a large percentage of the day. We can’t do without our mobile phones, but we sure could save money on our phone data usage.

Whether streaming music, checking Facebook, texting friends or taking photos, these devices are built of everyday use. The problem with these digital extensions of our arms is they’re comprised of data-hungry little components like apps.

The first thing worth asking is, how much data do you use per month? The second, how much do you spend on your phone bill?

UBOMI has come up with some handy ways to reduce data usage in hope of reducing your overall phone bill each month. We all know that one megabyte over your limit can cost an exorbitant amount.

Close apps and disable data fetching

Often smartphone users will… for lack of a better word, use multiple apps throughout a day. But operating multiple apps at once means your data usage is multiplying! Even if you haven’t used it all day, if it’s open, the app can be updating and downloading data. 

Try and make a point of closing an app if you’re finished using it. Not only will this save on data usage, but it can often improve battery life, too.

Okay, you know how to close an app, but what on earth is data fetching? Have you got your email on your phone? Well, to be put simply, data fetching is when your email service app will go looking for emails, automatically downloading any emails it finds. 

Don’t download music

One of the greatest parts of smartphones is that we don’t need to carry around a phone and an iPod or other music media player. There are some fantastic music apps out there like Spotify, but just be careful you’re not downloading any tunes on your data.

Music files are often big, taking an even bigger bite out of your data and out of your wallet. But, some of you need to listen to music on your way to work, for example. Well, when you’re at home or wherever there’s a good WiFi connection, do your downloading there instead of on the go.

And lastly, use WiFi at every opportunity

Be that guy or girl who sits down at a cafe and asks the waiter for the WiFi password. There’s no shame in it, that’s why they have WiFi! Especially if you know you’re going to be on your phone, connect to the cafe’s network and cheekily, let them pick up the bill!

Are you going to save money on your phone data usage? 

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There’s no denying that money matters. But what the UBOMI blog aims to do is to make your money work for you, and to allow you to focus on what really matters in life.

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