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How To Save Money With Your Weekly Shop

How To Save Money With Your Weekly Shop

Here are a few tricks you can use to save money with your weekly shop. What you should be buying at the grocery.

Firstly, welcome to the UBOMI blog… your one-stop financial shop. Here you’ll find all the financial and budgeting helpful hints you’ll need. We’re going to kick off this ongoing source of handy information with perhaps one of the most important, perhaps the most ongoing expense of your life, and perhaps one of the easiest ways to save money… your weekly shop.

Whether you’re pushing your trolley around Coles, Woolworths, Aldi or otherwise, there are savings to be had by all. Here’s a list of simple ways to save money with your weekly shop.

Make a weekly shop list

Alright, well, this one goes without saying. But the true power of making a list lies in your ability to stick to it. For example, you need mince, spaghetti and a spaghetti sauce for dinner… then why are you heading down the chocolate aisle? If you know what you need, head straight there. 

There’s rarely ever a reason or a shopping list so elaborate that you’d need to walk down every aisle. It’s also worth mentioning that you should familiarise yourself with where all the grocery items are at your local supermarket (just so you don’t accidentally walk down a tempting aisle!).

Cook for leftovers

The reality is, you can never make too much food. Not on the account of leftovers! If you do, throw it in a container for lunch at work the next day, or throw it in the freezer and reheat it one evening when you can’t be bothered cooking. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll save some time, too!

Don’t shop while hungry

Have you ever shopped while hungry? Yeah! How’d that go? How much extra stuff did you buy? Or, how much stuff did you eat on the way from checkout to your car? Trust us, we’ve been there! If you can help it, try and make a snack at home before you go to the supermarket. That way, you can let your head do the shopping, not your stomach.

Shop the sale items

Australian supermarkets are great for displaying sale items. Next time you’re buying your favourite brand of canned tuna, for example, open your peripheral vision just a little and you might see a bright yellow or red reduced tag hanging off a nearby brand of canned tuna. Sure, it’s not your favourite, but if it’s 20%, you’ll be laughing! 

You can also schedule your weekly meal plan around reduced meats. If a steak’s best before date is tomorrow and it’s discounted for that reason… well, looks like you’re having steak tonight! Just grab some veggies to go with it!

Use rewards programs

This is the other great thing about Australian supermarkets. Places like Coles and Woolworths have great rewards programs. You just have to be sure to scan your rewards card at checkout. If you earn enough rewards points, you can subsidise the grocery bill or buy yourself a neat little treat for being so good at saving money with your weekly shop!

Thanks for reading this blog post. We hope you took something valuable away from it. This is just the beginning.

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