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Money under your Zodiac Sign

Money under your Zodiac Sign

It’s indeed interesting to look at your Zodiac sign for guidance on how to make the most of your money. Astrology has long been attached to Australians, with Aborigines going so far as to interpret certain constellations as animals (which would later inspire the Australian Space Agency’s development of its logo).

When that fascination includes your Zodiac sign, people go off on tangents as to what their horoscopes say, especially when it comes to financial security. We at UBOMI have combed far and wide for all the signs and the money logic behind them, including our friends at Finder. The answers may be surprising, but this is not a horoscope in every sense of the word.


Some astrologers say money and wealth are highly connected to Arians as they tend to be creative with ways to earn and manage the money, to the point of fearlessly pushing for pay raises if the situation calls for it. However, Arians are notorious for being impulse spenders; a recent Finder study pinned 25 percent of Arian respondents as most likely having no savings but spending a lot on groceries. Another survey pinned 72 percent of Aries respondents as living paycheque to paycheque.


The Taurus sign is under Venus, which espouses sensibility and responsibility. That trait can be carried over on the financial management front, with Taurians learning to be wise with their money while being just as tenacious with their work and thinking of the long game. They may even be good at spoiling people while loving being spoiled from time to time. The above Finder survey tagged Taurians as saving the most money every month, with up to $713 set aside.


Geminis are sometimes perceived to be clever, talkative, and prefer to live life at their fullest. That penchant can lead to spending sprees, and disruptions from setbacks such as job changes and office politics. However, the spending they can counter by a strong effort to save as much money; the above Finder study noted Geminis for saving up to 28 percent of their monthly pay.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Building a secure sanctuary and welcoming people into the embrace are among a Cancerian’s biggest traits – but sometimes, that security can come at a price, especially when bargain-hunting. A Refinery29 listing by astrologer Jessie Karnatz tagged the Crab for being vulnerable to impulse spending; Finder tagged Cancerians as spending the most amongst all zodiac signs shopping in a week at $228 and taking the longest to pay off their credit cards – at 9.7 months. Astrotalk suggested that Cancerians can make the most of their money saving in various funds including at least one that will not be touched except in the direst emergencies.


Leos are commonly seen as seeking grandiosity and want a taste for finer things in life – as such, they attract the danger of overspending even if they tend to be good at saving. The Refinery29 team marked the Lion for doing much of their purchases on credit.

One of our UBOMI members even related the story of a teener lass from a mountain village born in mid-August who has been rather extravagant in their luxuries despite the pressures of honour academics, a half-hearted attempt at being a beauty influencer, AND being a single mom of two, the first of which she gave birth while in Year 11. Thing is, her pursuit of gratification eventually led her to landing a sugar daddy – also born in August – who delightfully treats her to big-spend items such as weeks-long trips, orthodontic treatments, and her kids’ tuition, plus a $1000 equivalent stipend – with the money salted from his organic farm’s income.

On the bright side, Leos may be strong investors. The Finder survey identified 28 percent of Leo respondents as owning crypto and leading the zodiac pack in stock investments, with $22,407 put in use.


A Virgo would be well-versed in finances and savings while being aware of a higher purpose they can invest some money in. To achieve this, they may tend to do some heavy accounting to track all their income and delegate where the cash would go. Some finance experts with eyes on astrology may suggest putting money on automated savings plans and long-term investments.

One of the more known Virgos around is Prince Harry, who already has a large fortune from his former military pay, value of jewels entrusted by the late Queen Mother, and a trust established by his mother, the late Princess Diana. Despite that wealth, he and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, support several charities and is already programming the proceeds of his memoir to two specific charities.


Like Taurus, Librans are also under the sign of Venus, indicating importance on beauty and pleasure. However, that carries the ugly side effect of spending salubriously just to make good, according to Refinery29. A study on even underlines this fact, with over 74 percent of Libran respondents burning through much of their latest pay well before the next paycheque. Finder, however, has a counterpoint: Libran respondents have the highest average income at nearly $97k and are least likely to pay late penalties on their bills – but struggle to pay their rent or mortgage.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Scorpions are seen to carry an air of dominance but under a thick veil and that mystique applies to financial acumen in terms of saving long-term. They may even try to capitalise on other’s skills to get ahead. The Finder study, though, tags Scorpions as good at saving on groceries – $143 maximum a week, but monthly saving allotments top just $363.


Sagittarius is noted as a “happy” sign. In some circles, that translates to a more vibrant drive to learn about the world and the positivity rubbing off on people. The Refinery29 team claimed that in terms of investments, Sagittarians can think more deeply before engaging in a venture, even if it is one that fits into their long-term goals. The Finder study put over Sagittarius as having respondents who pay off their credit cards the fastest – at just three and a half months.


Capricorns carry a distinction of sage-like wisdom and respect, which applies to dealing with finances in terms of sticking within budget and working hard to reach goals. Capricorn mothers are good examples of these, by teaching children the value of money, reliability, and loyalty to an organisation, and shepherding the finances so their family is well taken care of. Capricorns may spend on something that may up their status but would not be swayed by trends; the Finder survey identified Capricorn respondents as not that interested in pursuing crypto investments.


Aquarians are labelled as free-spirited and may go the extra mile to help the community. A number of astrologers agree that they are also careful against wanton spending and prefer big-picture analyses before engaging in any transactions. The Finder survey may even reflect this with respondents having the most money in savings ($41,975) and up to $660 saved every month, and only 34 percent of Aquarian respondents reporting money stress. Noted astrologers The AstroTwins claim that Aquarians do well with planning for the future but need some restraint when carrying a lot of money in the presence of friends.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces 

The Fish are known to be dreamers with a strong sense of purpose. In the finance world, however, Karnatz says the dream should be backed up with a solid plan to ensure financial security, and seek a noted financial advisor. A loved one may even help you keep your feet on the ground by putting as much money as possible into a rainy-day fund and go for tangible investments.

In some ways though, that dream may be reality if the Universe did it so: an evaluation by The Lott of Division I lotto winners (except WA players) revealed that Pisceans bagged the most of all pots in 2019 and 2020 – 11.6 percent and 14.3 percent, respectively. The data covered wins for Saturday Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Set for Life, Lucky Lotteries, Lotto Strike, and Super 66.

The Finder report pinned 22 percent of Piscean respondents as least likely to run side jobs, while the sign group was rated to be thrifty when it came to weekly online shopping runs, spending an average of $159.

Now, the big question is whether you are up to the challenge and can dutifully save money effectively.

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If you liked our “Money under your Zodiac Sign” and find it useful, check our blogs regularly for more information on how to get out of debt and get updates on budget app and expense tracker in Australia.