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Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Spare no opportunity to show your love on Valentine’s Day with inexpensive gift ideas for either him or her.

Valentine’s Day is often one of the most anticipated days of the year for couples. Depending on the level of commitment they already have, the couple will spend some time preparing for what to do that day. Gifts are usually on the items to invest on in anticipation of the big day and even then, there may not be enough cash to buy one particular item. Consider these affordable gift items for your S.O.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for HIM

  • Books. If the man is known as an avid book reader, you can gift him with some noteworthy books. However, that will depend on your full understanding of his interests and a possible look at his library to gauge any missing items. This may avoid the pain of giving a certain book only to find he already has a copy. Good ideas for book include those about career development, adventure, and relationships.
  • Quality wine. Wine is often labelled as one of the finer things in life and a couple drinking wine can consider it a toast to their relationship. Many people even attest that wine can lead to some thoughtful conversations and intimate moments. In some cases, a good bottle of wine can be coupled by a wine drinkers’ kit comprising, among others, a corkscrew bottle opener, wine stopper, and thermometer.
  • Tech accessories. If a male partner has been operating gadgets for various purposes, now may be the time to get them some related items to add to the experience. For smartphones, add-ons may range from a new all-weather casing to larger power banks.
  • Practical tools. A look at the male partner’s everyday accessories may reveal something lacking for his needs, hence the importance of buying him a practical tool as a Valentine’s present. If he has facial grooming issues, for example, a new electric razor may suffice. A multitool can work for certain everyday situations.
  • Event tickets. If you have both been looking forward to a certain live event but the partner is not sure of whether tickets are still available, you must buy a pair while tickets are on sale, even if you do not land the hottest seats in the house. Make sure both of you are free on the date of the event.

Valentine’s Day present for HER

  • Star map. Some couples want to remember what was the alignment of the heavens at a certain point in their relationship, whether it was the night they first met, they became an official couple, or even their first big date. There are vendors who can provide a framed star map of the sky on that important moment. They would simply request the date of the important moment, and the location and coordinates of where it happened.
  • Bath accessories. Women can spend some time pampering themselves in the bathroom, and their partner may have the right time to add to the comfort. Bath bombs, scented shower steamers and soaps with all-organic ingredients can be fun gifts; some of them may be available in hamper packages, depending on the vendor.
  • Spa treatments or getaways. In addition to pampering the female partner with bath gear as listed in No. 2, you can up that care by organising a spa treatment session or getaway. A look at some noted portals that offer information on spa treatments/getaways can yield tips on great deals. Some of the treatment packages may even be available via gift certificates. In many ways, a spa date can be a fun experience for couples who want an experience that’s far out from the all-too-common candlelight dinner (be aware that many popular restaurants, even those located in hotels, could be fully booked that night!).
  • Sleepwear. Women always want to be comfortable in bed when its sleep time, so why not get them a full set of sleeping apparel? Ideally, women’s sleepwear will be made of silk or other fabrics designed for smooth comfort on the skin. You can up the sleeping atmosphere with scented candles or massage oils.
  • Sweets. Enter the common gift item of sweets packed in a heart-shaped box. While giving your female partner a box of sweets such as chocolates can be romantic in a sense, check for health issues. You can opt for sugar-free sweets accordingly if they’re sensitive to sugar.

Spare no opportunity to show your love interest that you care on Valentine’s Day and even on other days. Any interesting present that you buy for them will be appreciated as long as you gave it much thought.

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