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How to Split Restaurant Bill

How to Split Restaurant Bill

To split the restaurant bill equally among the dining party is a fair and practical way to ensure everyone shares the expenses.

Going out for a meal with friends or family is a delightful experience. But when the bill arrives, it can sometimes lead to confusion and awkwardness.

In this article, we will explore the importance of equally shouldering dining expenses and provide etiquette tips on how a dining party can fairly split the bill, promoting a harmonious and enjoyable dining experience for all.

The Dining Situation

ABC Australia collated data from restaurant booker service TheFork. It indicates 10 per cent of all dinner bookings made in the 5PM-6PM block, up from 7 per cent overall before the lockdowns. While late-night bookings dropped from 20 per cent pre-lockdown to just 5 per cent. For lunchtime, there were 25 per cent of all bookings compared to 19 per cent in the pre-lockdown times.

Split the Bill

Splitting the bill may be relevant in commercial dining habits in the so-called “new normal” era.

It is not just about fairness, but also promoting a sense of equality and respect among the dining party. Splitting the bill equally ensures that everyone pays their fair share, avoiding situations where one person ends up paying significantly more than others. It creates a level playing field and prevents any feelings of resentment or inequality.

Splitting the bill equally simplifies the payment process, eliminating the need for complex calculations and individual itemisations. It streamlines the dining experience and allows the focus to remain on enjoying the meal and the company.

Splitting expenses equally allows everyone to budget for leisure activities, including dining out. The financial burden is shared, making it more affordable for all members of the dining party to participate in social outings.

Etiquette for Fairly Splitting the Bill

The next time you dine out, remember these etiquette tips and enjoy the meal with family and friends. Share the expenses equally to promote financial inclusivity, budgeting for leisure, and a sense of camaraderie.

Discuss the Splitting Method in Advance

Before ordering, it is helpful to discuss and agree upon the splitting method with the dining party.

The simplest method is to divide the total bill equally among all participants. This approach works best when everyone has consumed a similar amount and similarly priced items.

However, if the dinner is in somebody’s honour for a certain occasion, they must be left out of the calculations. In an interview with Real Simple, etiquette expert Diane Gottsman said the group can tally the honouree’s share of the expenses and then divide it amongst themselves.

If individuals have ordered significantly different items or have varying dietary preferences, itemise individual expenses for a fairer option. Each person pays for their own items, and the bill is split accordingly.

Another approach is to share dishes and then calculate individual contributions based on the items consumed. This method requires more coordination and calculation but can be fair for groups with diverse preferences.

Keep Track of Individual Orders

Throughout the meal, make a mental note or keep a discreet record of your own orders and any additional items you consume. This will help ensure accurate contribution calculations when splitting the bill later.

Communicate Openly and Respectfully

If you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences that may impact the bill, inform the group beforehand. This allows others to consider these factors when deciding on the splitting method and ensures that everyone’s needs are taken into account.

Counsellor Darleen Barton said a person who might not eat much or have dietary issues can avoid splitting the bill, and instead pay for what they order.

Be Mindful of Everyone’s Budget

When selecting a restaurant or suggesting dishes, be considerate of varying budgets within the group. Opt for venues or menu options that align with the financial comfort of all participants, allowing everyone to enjoy the experience without feeling financially strained.

Use Technology to Simplify the Process:

Consider using mobile payment apps or calculators designed specifically for splitting bills, such as UBOMI and its UBUDGET expense tracking function. These tools can automate calculations and make the process more efficient and transparent.

Speak Up if There are Concerns

If you notice discrepancies or have concerns about the bill, address them openly and respectfully. Discuss any issues with the group to ensure a fair resolution that satisfies everyone.

Show Gratitude and Appreciation

Regardless of the splitting method or final contributions, always express gratitude and appreciation to the dining party. Recognise the effort made by everyone to contribute equally and create a positive dining experience.

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DISCLAIMER:  This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.