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How To Save Money On Your Car Service

How To Save Money On Your Car Service

Having your own car can be a blessing in the sense that it will allow you to go places easily. Some people may claim it as a curse as well, with the associated costs you have to handle if you have to set it aside for maintenance. That being said, there are ways to save on taking care of your steed, with a finance tracking app like UBOMI to aid you.

Drive your car slower

Defensive driving is critical to protect you and other drivers on the road. This includes slower acceleration, gentler braking at longer distances, and having wider gaps between vehicles. By driving slower and with more caution, you spend less fuel, your brakes have a longer service life, and the tyres will take longer to wear out.

Correct tyre pressure

Consult the vehicle’s manual for the tyres’ proper air pressure settings. Even if the settings are on a certain number of pounds per square inch (psi), some auto experts suggest adding up to ten more psi and help in added fuel savings.

Fluids check

Your vehicle will have important fluids running across its systems, like those in your body. They are the engine oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and either automatic or manual transmission fluid. You must be familiar with running periodic checks of each fluid and the colours they appear will indicate further service action.

In the case of engine oil, for example, a darker brown or black colour warrants an oil change and replacement filter, even when the vehicle hasn’t reached the required miles as stated in the manual. A warning light on the dashboard also signals when the time has arrived for an oil change.

Not exclusively servicing at the dealership

If you bought your vehicle at an established dealership, chances are you may have been offered the opportunity to go back there from time to time for servicing and recording in the vehicle logbook. However, some experts state that it is okay to find a reputable trusted garage in your neighbourhood and  have your vehicle serviced there, then record it in the logbook. In this way, you can save on maintenance expenses.

Have your car undergo fuel system check

Have your vehicle’s fuel system undergo a full maintenance check, as they are prone to issues such as clogged/leaking lines, malfunctioning catalytic converters, and dirty fuel injectors. You may also have to buy higher-octane fuel at a service station that regularly turns over its fuel stocks; higher-octane fuel may be a bit more expensive but the tradeoff is worth it in terms of more power and preventing engine knocking.

Air filter change

Changing the vehicle’s air filters is a very easy task. Some auto experts state that you must change the filter every 19,000 kilometres or every year, whichever comes first. This improves the engine’s efficiency and power, while reducing emissions. However, if you are in a locale with very dusty conditions, the above mileage interval may have to be shorter or you must install air filters engineered for extreme environments.

Shedding weight

Remove unnecessary items from your car to save on mileage by losing weight. A full cleanup of the interior can help in stripping away all of the gunk; you might be surprised at how much unneeded stuff lay around, especially in the trunk. If you have a roof rack on your vehicle but do not use it for the moment, consider removing them to lessen the weight.

Shopping for car insurance

Take the time to look around for auto insurers who will offer you a good deal on your policy. Some experts state that you must apply for a yearly premium instead of monthly to avoid extra processing charges. If you have a home insurance policy, check with your insurer if they also have auto insurance, allowing for a comprehensive policy.

Your chosen insurer can lower the premium if you have certain supporting references, such as limiting usage of the vehicle to people over 25 years old, completing a defensive driving course, installing anti-theft devices, and always parking in a closed garage.

Investing on used parts

The auto maintenance industry also has a market for vehicle parts, with most of them coming from vehicles sent to the wrecker but cannibalised for spare parts. A noted auto recycle parts service will offer original parts at up to 50 per cent off their original price and in near-perfect condition. Australian car parts wreckers are also connected to a network, ensuring that parts are available on short notice and make for faster service times.

When you have a vehicle to use everyday, it pays to learn where you can save to make the most out of it. Happy and safe driving!

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