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DIY Backyard Makeover Ideas

DIY Backyard Makeover Ideas

A place in your home makes you feel safe and relaxed is vital for every household. One of which is a good backyard. A garden that is too common and bland seems like there is nothing special about it and doesn’t serve the function that you are looking for. It’s time for a makeover!

To give you ideas on how to make your backyard more interesting, we gathered various ideas that will definitely turn your garden into something adorable. A place to bond with your family and friends during an occasion, or it can be a place where you can drink your freshly roasted coffee in the morning.

Don’t worry about the cost of a makeover. You don’t have to hire someone to do it for you, either. There are beautiful backyard ideas that you can do by yourself. And most of the materials needed can be found at home where you can recycle.

Plant and make a garden

A backyard is incomplete without plants, whether it is only for decoration purposes or edible that you can use for cooking. For plants that are purposed for decoration, you can use flowers or anything that will maintain the aesthetic vibe of your backyard. Succulents are the best entry for this. Just put them on old pots and personally design them.

Also, if you want to add edible plants in your garden such as vegetables and fruits it is fine as long as it maintains your theme. You can have a different spot for them. Suggested plants that can actually grow in a home garden are tomatoes, basil, chillies, mints, and passion fruits.

It is understandable that growing plants needs a lot of effort and maintenance so you have to make sure that you know how to handle them, such as proper watering and giving them a good amount of fertiliser. Also, it is one of the most expensive parts of a backyard makeover, so you have to explore where to find cheap plants, you can find one in Facebook groups or online marketplaces.

Backyard makeover ideas: Lantern and shimmering lights

First on the list is adding brilliance that can give an instant warmth and a festive vibe to your backyard during the night – a DIY lantern can do the work for you.

Cover each bulb of your existing fairy lights with cardstock or scrapbook paper. Cut small holes on the paper with your preferred shape to serve as the pass-through of the light from the bulb. Once it looks like a lantern, you can hang your DIY lantern from your fence or veranda.

If your garden has a tree, you can hang your colourful lantern there. These lanterns can give bohemian effects in your backyard and they are not just decorative at night. Because even if they are not lit up during the day, the fancy look of it still serves.

These DIY lanterns are best partnered with a picnic rug or outdoor carpet in the yard beneath the tree. You can put some throw pillows to upgrade the vibe and have a perfect place to spend your summertime.

Comfy area to get along

It is a place in your backyard where you can sip your favourite drink, sit, and relax.

Making an area in your garden that suits the environment is challenging, but with DIY you can actually make it. Using the rubber part of a broken tire, you can make a chair with just topping foam on it. And for the table, use two pieces of broken tire, add wood on top of it then cover it with fabric.

The comfy area is incomplete without an instagramable background, use wood that you can blend with the environment and add some artificial tree branches or vines. Use your full effort and creativity in making this area because the comfort coordinated with it, is in your hands.

Backyard makeover ideas: Wall vibrance, trim, and furniture

Associate your backyard wall’s colour, trim dress-up, and furniture with your preferred theme.

If you want a summertime theme, use a summer colour palette. It can be popcorn yellow, bubble gum pink, light blue, or grey. Use waterproof acrylic paint, to prevent damage during a rainy day. 

For a quicker makeover but gives extraordinary makeovers, dressing up your trim is the best solution. Change the appearance of your window frames, shutters and door frames.

When it comes to furniture, do not throw out the existing ones, changing their appearance with paint is the best remedy. Rusty colours and a colour palette which gives warm vibrance such as yellow, orange, red, or a combination of them are the keys.

Decking update

If you feel like your garden decks need an update, bring out your handful of tools and materials. If your backyard deck seems to have little issues but can be done on your own, give a schedule for fixing it. It is better to fix the small issues now than to fix the big issues next time.

To fix the deck, use a paintbrush, stain and masking tape. Make sure that your deck is clean to absorb the paint. Next, cover the areas of the deck using masking tape that you don’t want to be stained. Then, layer the deck with stain using a brush. And finally, wait until the stain is absorbed by the deck and it is fully dry.

Backyard makeover ideas: Eye-catching plant wall

This is one of the famous backyard makeover ideas. Turning boring walls into something environmental.

A suggestion for this is to use wood pallets and turn them into plant shelves. Add hooks in the pots as a tool for installing them in the pallet. Then, stand the pallet behind the walls. 

The plant wall is like adding a bohemian vibe to your backyard. Also, it is a secret for an aesthetic but on-budget garden makeover. Here’s a tip, succulents are best used for a plant wall, you better try it.

Aesthetic pallet furniture

Wooden pallets as furniture for a backyard makeover is such a cool way. These wooden pallets are so versatile, you can make benches, coffee tables and even sunbeds out of them. Leaving these pallets as is or painting them with varnish or any paint colour, is fine since they are really cool whatever they look like.

You can DIY pallets to style your garden like Palm Spring Vibe, Balinese villa, or even modern industrial.

Turning your backyard into something interesting can be done even if you’re on a budget. Just bring out the creativity in you and trust your basic handy skills.

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