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A little Lifestyle Change to Save Big Money

A little Lifestyle Change to Save Big Money

To save big money and make a great life momentous, here are some lifestyle changes that you may follow.

Do you ever notice that your life is just like a labyrinth of routine? You wake up in the morning, do your morning tasks, finish assigned work or projects, and earn. Well, you are not alone, many Australians are just doing the same cycle all over their daily life. But the sad thing is you’re not making a big moment for a long time.

I and a friend met last weekend and we’ve never seen each other for about 2 years. So we asked each other about life until he asked me this question “What is your big moment?” That was a really hard question that caused me a long pause because there is nothing. I don’t have big savings, investments or any assets built over the past two years.

With that encounter, I realised that my life is too bland and I need to make changes. Yes, I am affected by the so-called existential crisis and it made me look at myself and contemplate. So to make a life upgrade, I need to save money by changing some of my lifestyles.

Limit coffee shop purchase

Many Australians are dependent on their favourite coffee shop to buy good and aromatic coffee. It is fine as long as you’re not doing it daily. Did you know that when you purchase your daily coffee at a coffee shop, you’re spending more than $1000 a year? That’s a lot of money but if you have decided to ditch your coffee shop purchase, well that’s a lot of contribution to your savings.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be caffeine-free but you can clone up that coffee from your favourite coffee shop and make one for yourself, at home. Also, considering a coffee machine is a good investment. Yes, you’re about to spend a hundred dollars on a coffee machine but will quickly pay itself since purchasing a coffee will cost you about $4 or more depending on sizes but if you make your own it will only cost you $1 or less.

Also making your own coffee is environmentally friendly since you’re no longer one of those one billion people who continuously contribute takeaway coffee cups which cause landfill in Australia yearly.

Switch off to save big money

It is understandable that we are living in a world where mobile phones are very essential. We need it to still be in contact with our family, friends, and any business-related matter. But switching off for a moment can help you save money due to extending the power of your phone and avoiding the cycle of boundless charge and recharge.

If you cannot switch off your phone for a period of time due to some responsibilities, unplug some of your appliances. If you have a lifestyle of not unplugging appliances like a microwave, television, dryer and your new coffee machine the whole day, then stop it. Unplug them when not in use, because in that way you can save big money.

No to expensive brands

Are you fond of purchasing from expensive big brands, just to show people that the quality of your life is improved? Well, you must end it. Impressing people by buying luxurious items is a very bad lifestyle, especially when your income is just enough to live simply. Yes, you purchase something from big brands and people look up to you because you have that luxurious item, but looking at your bank account, you are totally broke.

The lesson is to buy only the things that you can afford without sacrificing your savings. You will not achieve something momentous in your life if every payday you spend more on your wants. Bear in mind that humbly living can help you achieve your future goals.

Say goodbye to your bad habits

In case you have bad habits, say goodbye to them little by little. It is not only about smoking or alcohol drinking. It can be cutting your major relationship with soda and junk food. A single soda costs $3.2 and more. If you will only drink one soda a week to still satisfy your cravings, you can save up to $900 and more yearly, same with junk food.

Ditching your bad habits can also affect good health and prevent medical bills. So once you’re embracing it, expect big savings and at the same time prevention of different diseases.

Save big money with a garden of veggies at home

Planting basic veggies at home can help you save big money. Did you know that a small pack of seeds that will lead you to have kilos of veggies will only cost $2 or less? Yes, that’s a big saving. Believe it or not, when you properly take care of it, veggies will continuously grow for a lifetime. Sounds good right?

Additionally, having your own garden of fruits and vegetables will not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions since it won’t be delivered to you using any transportation. You can start by planting basic veggies that you often use at homes such as leafy greens, carrots, radishes, cucumber, spring onions, and beans.

Anyways, to make your life momentous is your own decision. Do not push too hard on yourself to the point that you’re saving so much but it gives you bad effects. Always remember the reason for your sacrifices.

If you liked our “A little Lifestyle Change to Save Big Money” and find it useful, check our blogs regularly for more information on how to get out of debt and get updates on personal wealth apps in Australia.