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Cheap Activities for your Kids on School Holidays

Cheap Activities for your Kids on School Holidays

Activities during holidays are a good help to make kids proactive even if they are home. So, we gathered some that you can practice with your children.

Summer break in Australia is almost around the corner, it normally comes from mid-December to late January, depending on the school level. That was really a long duration and many Australian students wanted to make it more productive by doing some interesting activities.

Activities during holidays are a good help to make kids proactive even if they are home. Kids tend to become emotional when they do nothing which makes them compare themselves to other kids doing some fun activities while on a holiday. To end their sadness and feeling down, you may venture into holiday activities that will surely keep them up with other kids.

If you’re thinking about the expenses, holiday activities don’t mean to be expensive. You may assign alternative activities to your child that are cheap but still enjoyable and can be done in any corner of your home. You just need creative thinking on how to execute them well.

To make it easier for you to think about cheap activities for your child on school holidays. We gathered some that you can practice with your kids.

Home cinema

Create a place in your home that can be turned into a small cinema. During holidays, kids love to watch movies. To make it more interesting, make them feel like they’re in a cinema by just dimming the lights, making some popcorn or any other cinema snacks, and adding some cinema decorations. Lights camera action and all are set.

House pool

Schedule a pool day with your kids at home by setting up an inflatable pool. You don’t have to go to any expensive resorts or have a vacation on the beach. To make it more fun and creative you can add some swim balls in the pool and play songs like a DJ to add some party vibe while swimming.

House pool

Picnic day

Instead of eating at home for lunch during a holiday weekend, you can go out with kids and enjoy a picnic at the nearest park. To make it more interesting, you can bring your bike to roam around the park, and also, your pet and play with them in the bush.

Learn about music

This is a fun way to do during the holidays. If you want to improve your kids’ singing or want them to play new musical instruments, school break is the best time for it since kids have all their time for it. In this period you will know if you are raising a rising star.

Reading books with the kids

This activity will allow your kids to travel in their minds with creative imagination. Bring out all suitable books for kids and ask them to read. Bear in mind that while they are reading because they might ask you a question. Reading books is a good help to improve your kids’ vocabulary, language skills and comprehension.


Let kids help you with gardening by watering the plants. It is a fun activity since kids will have to connect with the earth by touching the soil and planting herbs. While doing gardening activities, you can educate them on the reason why we need to do gardening, for example, it is the source of fresh air, tell them the benefit of it to our health and etc., so that gardening can be done educationally.


Home camping

Camping is not always necessarily done outdoors or in a far far away place but it can also be done in your own space. If you’re owning a tent, this doesn’t cost a thing. You can do it in your backyard, garden, or even just in the living room. Camping is fun with camping foods like hotdogs, mallows, and barbecues. At night, before sleep, you can tell stories to your kids while looking at the stars until they fall asleep to make it more fascinating.

Art show

Kids will definitely enjoy this by providing paper, small canvas, coloured pens, paint, and a paintbrush. Allow your kids to bring out their creativity by doing some artwork and displaying them in a specific area at your house. The best thing about this activity is your appreciation. Give them rewards and appreciate their work after the activity.


You can search online for kid-friendly recipes to bake and decorate. This activity can help kids to be more creative and learn more about basic measurements. All you need to ready are basic baking tools such as measuring cups, wooden spoons, metal turners, spatula, whisk, rolling pin, etc. You can also use your existing baking materials if you have any.


The kids can study a new language

This is a very interesting activity which kids can use until they grow up. If you are knowledgeable in different languages, you can teach your kids on your own or ask for some help from your relatives. But if you’re not, you can facilitate them with the use of the internet.

Here are different websites that you can use:

These are some of the cheap activities during school holidays. Do this at home and expect good bonding with your kids. Remember that happiness doesn’t always involve money. All you have to do is to explore and give it a try.

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