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Best Places and Cost of Scuba Diving in Australia

Best Places and Cost of Scuba Diving in Australia

If you want to explore what’s under the sea and find more spectacular sea creatures, Australia is the best place as it is known to be one of the best scuba diving in the world. Even though the Great Barrier Reef is claimed to be the best scuba diving scenery in the country, still, there are underrated diving places to discover.

Scuba diving in Great Barrier Reef

The beauty of the Great Barrier Reef magnifies divers not only in Australia but worldwide. Due to having over 2900 individual reefs covering 1400 miles, it is identified as the largest and healthiest coral reef spot on the planet.

The diving place is well known due to the different coral formations dancing to the beat of the sea. Minke and humpback whales are sometimes visiting the underwater breeze so if it is your lucky scuba diving day, you might have a meet and greet with them throughout the wonderful experience.

But if you really want to deep well in the Great Barrier Reef diving spots, make the experience more remarkable. It is recommended to spend more time on a liveaboard. It will give you more time to discover different species. But if you don’t have much time, you can still explore closer reefs for a limited time from Cairns, a day trip is recommended.


If you’re fond of antiques, scuba diving in Townsville will truly excite you. This is just the home of a picturesque shipwreck that dives in all of Australia – The SS Yongala.

Back in 1911 on the coast of Eastern Australia, there was a 350-foot passenger ship uncontrollably dived into the deep of the ocean. It stayed 50 years before being discovered and became an attraction in Townsville.

The sad thing is that you cannot enter the inside to see the interior of the ship, it is forbidden. It is like giving respect to the remains of the passenger since after the incident it becomes an official gravesite.

Townsville is not only known because of the spectacular ship but those vivid corals scattered around will shimmer your eyes. Also, you can swim alongside a group of sea snakes and even chevron barracudas. And at night you may probably have an encounter with hawksbill turtles and eagle rays.

Whitsunday Islands

For beginner divers, try to look out Whitsunday Islands. You can practice diving and experience seeing waving coral reefs right by the shoreline. Since the island is near the Great Barrier Reef, it is seldom noticed since most divers always choose the famous one over the underrated island. 

But if you just want an effortless underwater experience, diving with Whitsunday Island will still give you the exposure that you’re looking for. Since it is near the famous Great Barrier Reef, the blue water is swarming with amazing coral reefs, enormous rock formations and the star of the sea, the colourful fishes.

Scuba diving in Port Douglas

A great jumping spot located in the northern part of Queensland, Australia. Port Douglas is a place where you can explore the clapping reefs of the Agincourt Ribbon Reef with exactly 45 different scuba diving sites to choose from depending on the type of difficulty you want.

If you’re a beginner, you will surely enjoy feeding a group of friendly potato cod located in Cod Hole. Advanced divers can actually do the same but to make it more challenging, during nighttime they can dive next to sharks in Dynamite pass which is located in Challenger Bay.

South West Rocks

If you want to do scuba diving in New South Wales, then you have to visit the sea creatures located in South West Rocks. The spot is known for having extensive caves going to the southern hemisphere and is the best alternative to the Great Barrier Reef.

Never forget to add Fish Rock to your bucket list, it is claimed as one of the best dive sites in South Australia. Diving there will make you experience seeing Moorish idols, loggerhead turtles and most especially the grey nurse sharks. 

Other diving spots that you may explore around South West Rocks include Green Island, Lady Reef and Black Rocks. So you better have a long vacation here so that a remarkable diving experience will be served.

Blairgowrie Pier

If you’re a photographer and want to experience scuba diving, check out Blairgowrie Pier which is located in Victoria. Definitely, you will capture macro photos of different species such as octopus, squid, giant cuttlefish, weedy sea dragons and many more weird but wonderful creatures. Definitely, your photographs will be discovered all around the world.

The best month to dive is between May to June to possibly witness a population of spider crabs roaming around shallow water which is part of their migration annually. Blairgowrie Pier is one of the underrated diving spots in Australia, so you better give it a chance.

Scuba Diving Cost in Australia

Scrolling on your phone in the middle of the night and a scuba diving picture pops up. Maybe it is a sign!

  • Level of experience. Before going on a scuba diving trip, you have to know first the budget involved. But the cost is depending on a few different factors such as the level of experience. For beginners, scuba diving is much more expensive since you have to buy different equipment needed. Also, they have to pay the enrollment fee for scuba diving lessons. On the other hand, experienced divers just need to undergo training as a refresher and check their equipment if there is something to be fixed.
  • Certification. To get started, you need to complete SSI Scuba diving certification courses and must be accredited around the world. Lacking this requirement, will not let you go to any diving facilities. Upon taking the test, a complete medical declaration is needed from a legit diving doctor. The cost of the certification course is around $399 to $749 depending on the boat dives provided in the given course.
  • Equipment. Besides accredited classes, you have to own the necessary scuba diving gear, a scuba diving mask ($30-400), a snorkel ($20-130), a wetsuit ($100-900) and fins ($60-400).

So to sum it all, if you want to have a comfortable scuba diving experience, you have to prepare $1000-1500. 

Scuba diving can be one of the best moments that you will experience in your life. If you want to discover the water side of the world, this is the activity that will let you enjoy and seize the magical moment. So going back, is Nemo a girl or a boy? Hmm, I think undergoing scuba diving can answer this question. Try it now!

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