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Categorical Breakdowns

Automated Features, Making Budgeting Easy

Spending too much on food? Spending too little on self-care? Simply not sure?

The goal of smart categorisation, either automatic or manual, is to help the customer get organised. Categorical Breakdowns itemise each transaction, allowing you to see where it’s going and where to adjust accordingly. Making smarter and healthier decisions just got easy.

Categorical Breakdowns also helps you cut unnecessary purchases out of your budget and essentially forces you to focus on what’s more important.

How do Categorical Breakdowns help you?

Shining light on spending habits

A spending habit can easily be unhealthy. But catching yourself having a bad one early on is the best way to control the situation.

Encourage you to prioritise

Smart categorisation will show you areas that need severe TLC. These areas are what you should be prioritising first.

Keep you alert

When you’re aware of your bank balance, you’ll be aware of fraudulent behaviour.

Categorising your transactions doesn’t have to be such a painful process. UBOMI’s smart technology will do it for you, identifying areas where you spend too much or too little.

It’s empowering to know where your money goes. Tracking your spending ultimately puts you in the driver seat.

Start your Financial Journey Today with UBOMI

Don’t let financial stress send you back to square one. We have available budgeting tools suitable for your needs. Get budget-healthy with UBOMI!