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Bills Calendar

Keeping Track and Planning Ahead

You might be thinking that using a Bills Calendar can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when you have several payments each and every day. So why is an online Bills Calendar a necessity in your life?

How the UBOMI Bills Calendar can be an Important Tool for you

Keep track of bill due dates

Keep everything in one place. When you know a bill is due, add it to your calendar and pay it prior to or on the day. Using a calendar allows you to pencil in recurring payments too.

Plan ahead for an occasion — gift-giving occasion

This is very similar to penciling in your dates for your personal finance. Having an ‘’important personal days’’ calendar where you can add birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations scheduling them to recur each and every year.

Keep track and be on top of your goals

For each goal you add to your calendar, you can create entries for milestones you encounter along the way. This can be for any type of financial goal. If you’ve reached 50% of your goal, you can document this milestone to look back on.

This will also create credibility for yourself. Looking back on the journey of your accomplished goal can be very rewarding.

Set seasonal reminders

Different times of the year bring various things to think about with your personal finances. Different seasons mean different concerns that relate to you. Creating a miscellaneous calendar will help with these sometimes random or seasonal pop-ups.

How does UBOMI’s Bills Calendar work?

UBOMI’s AI Tech analyses your spending habits and anticipates upcoming bills and payments to ease up your savings plan. So you’re always aware how much you can safely spend and never miss paying a bill again!

Start your Financial Journey Today with UBOMI

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