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Have a question? Check our FAQs below. We’ve compiled some common questions for your convenience.

Yes, UBOMI uses industry standard security processes, much like those used on banking apps and other similar programs.

UBUDGET gives you the tools to know your spending and grow your savings. These will
allow you to get an oversight of your transactions to guide you to a life of spending less and
saving more. Giving you the control to empower your financial future.

UBOMI gives you the ability to quickly integrate your financial institutions into the app with
little work required from you. Setting up your bank account is easy and occurs during your
onboarding. If you need to add additional accounts, you can do this in the settings menu
from within the app.

You can sign up here. Or by clicking the Sign-Up buttons found within the homepage. You
can also download our app from the iOS App Store(coming Soon), or Google Play store at any time.

UBOMI will take care of most of your transactions for you with its smart categorising
technology. However, if you find that there is a transaction you need to update, you simply
click on the transaction you are wanting to categorise and enter both the Category and
Sub-Category values. This is important for your budget planner and the feedback you will
receive from UBOMI.

You can contact a real person at UBOMI anytime by our online messaging system within the
UBOMI dashboard. A member of the UBOMI team will contact you as soon as possible once
your message has been received.

Yes you can. If you aren’t ready to integrate your account with UBOMI you can instead take
full advantage of our uploading tool found within the app. This you will need to do from a
computer and ensure that your file is in a CSV format and matches our layout. Once
uploaded, you will be able to use UBUDGET and get a full view over these transactions.

You will need to keep your budget updated either by more uploads of your data or by
entering in your transactions manually to not fall behind.

UBUDGET is a feature within our app. But, the UBUDGET feature can be accessed in full
within our Bronze membership pack, which is free! So, if you are looking to dip your toe in
the water in relation to your money management, Bronze is an excellent membership level
for you.
Read more about our membership options here.

Your transaction feed with UBOMI is as real time as possible. We do this so that you know
your financial situation at all times. If anything happens that is off budget, you will have the
tools and features to notify you to keep you on course.

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