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Dedicated, Trusted, Protected – UBOMI is serious about you and your security.

Bank-Level Security and Encryption
UBOMI uses industry-grade security functions, much like those used on banking apps and other similar programs. We adhere to all relevant security standards, with encryption and other elements to ensure your funds and private information are kept secure.
Your information cannot be accessed by anyone but you
The only way your information can be accessed is through you. Encryption means that once the information has been entered, any details (login or financial) provided are immediately passed through a multi-layered hardware and software encryption and stored separately.

Two-Factor Authentication
We are dedicated to your security, so we have gone beyond a simple password – we verify both your email and mobile attached to the account. As an additional layer of security you can enable the two factor authentication settings for extra protection.

Auto Logout Feature
Have the choice of being automatically logged out of your account after 30 minutes. This is a great security measure we have put in place, whether it be something you want to enable though settings, the choice is yours.