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“Life in your hands, Life Beyond Money”

“UBOMI, IS the future of consumer decision making and merchant engagement – today“



UBOMI gives you more of everything you need to build your business.   More income, lower costs, more value for you and your in-house and e-commerce marketing dollar.   

UBOMI’s data empowerment enables you to provide targeted value to your consumer, today and for life.   Build your brand loyalty with UBOMI’s customer data so, ”you get them…and they get you”, the holy grail of successful commerce. 

We have designed UBOMI so both the Member and Merchant simply can’t afford to be without it!”  Here is how….

Find out how you can benefit – sign up here today as an official UBOMI Vendor Partner…….

UBOMI enables Members and Merchants to have active control of their lives “Beyond Money”, you can benefit by simply and easily connecting to our Member’s custom spend n save plans, today, tomorrow and into the future…..  Here’s how…

Our Members consumer decision making is a direct result of the following UBOMI consumer support features:

U Budget – Consumer Planning

UBOMI’s U Budget feature assists Members in actively planning scheduled savings and spending plans via their personal expense analysis, via their bills calendar, smart categories and goals management, all freely available.

U Opportunities – Consumer Income

UBOMI also assists Members influencing their personal and family income via U-Opportunities, their personal unique careers advancement reward planner.  Member profile links via Linked In and ensure career progression with skills and experience designed uniquely to the Member. This service is free and at no cost to the member.

U Money Financial Smoothing – No Interest Ne Fee Credit

Then and only when and as needed UBOMI (Platinum) Members can access via the U Money feature U Cash”.   A no interest, no fee credit facility to smooth their finances keeping them on track to achieve their personal “save-n’-spending” goals.   As Members needs and plans flex and change this becomes a credit management alternative to traditional interest charging alternatives like credit cards over time.

Access to U Money is a feature of the fee based ”Platinum Membership”.  The key overriding principle here is adding incrementality value – “monetized” verses the UBOMI Membership fee.  Simply, savings offered within the Platinum Membership to meet the demands and plans of UBOMI members are customised to add greater value to Members than the Membership Fee needed to offer this service.  Once established a UBOMI Member truly cannot afford to be without it. 

Unique merchant “deals and discounts” in the U Shop spend’n save feature give Member advantage across all expenditure types, from “needs” expenditure (utilities, stables, food, rent, and fuel) to spend’n save availability on perhaps life discretionary or luxury expenditures as Members reward themselves for staying on their successful UBOMI goals path. The “monetary value gap” therefore grows exponentially overtime. Members and Merchants are linked in the journey via the U Shop feature. U shop becomes accessible to members in trial steps starting free and at no cost, increasing in opportunity range and value within the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Memberships.

U Shop – Merchant Loyalty via knowing your client

Build your brand loyalty via our merchant facility as a Vendor Partner at – UBOMI’s U Shop. Become a UBOMI Merchant in short because we have a safe, full proof technology approach to getting the right offer, to the right people, when they plan for it and want it.  Display for FREE your spend n save offers to 150,000 UBOMI consumers today.

How you can

Engage and promote your brand as a UBOMI Merchant.

  • Advertising
  • Sponsored Content
  • Advertorial Content
  • Premium Display Advertising
  • EDMs
  • Member Deals and Discounts
  • Surveys

How it works

We display your deals and discounts to our data base of more than 150,000 users for FREE

Our Benefits to Merchants over standard designed BNPL’s
• Know your customer with the UBOMI Platinum members verifications:
• Members are ID verified
• Member affordability assessed
• Offers are “merchant focused” your product offer to your client
• Payment flexibility offered to members
• BNPL part or all, of a purchase

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How it works

We display your deals and discounts to our data base of more than 150,000 users for FREE

What feedback data can UBOMI provide you to determine the tracking and effectiveness of your offer:
○ Total database
○ Total active users per day
○ Total active users
○ Social Media following
○ Average time per session on app
○ Average logins per day
○ Average time on content
○ Average articles read
○ Click through rate on sponsored content
○ Click through rate on display ads

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