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Have a question? Check our FAQs below. We’ve compiled some common questions for your convenience.

Anyone*! UBOMI is a platform that any Australian with an Australian bank account can take advantage of to fast track themselves to a life beyond money. 

*Some features found within UBOMI are subject to review and approval before joining. For more information on the UBOMI membership features, please visit our Membership Terms and Conditions.

UBOMI currently offers 4 tiers of membership options being Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher your membership, the more access you have to our different features.

Read more about our membership options here.

The UBOMI Bronze Membership is a free option. 

Read more about our membership options here.


All else

If you are already a UBOMI member, you can contact UBOMI within the app using our messaging system. This is found within the top right hand corner of the dashboard. Otherwise, please use our contact us page, or email [email protected]

Yes! We can be found under ‘UBOMI’ within the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

At UBOMI we take all feedback in our stride, whether positive or critical! Please feel free to send your feedback so that we can review and respond accordingly to the channels below:

[email protected]

To update your profile and contact information, visit the settings section from within your member login. We require you to do this so that we can verify that any information being updated is you for security reasons.

To manage your notifications visit the settings section from within the app login and select ‘Notifications’. Here you can personalise your notification experience with UBOMI.

To see your membership repayment plan, visit your profile within the settings feature within your app. Here you will see your next membership payment date and the amount.

If you no longer wish to be a member with UBOMI please email your request to [email protected] or visit our contact us page and submit via our online form.

UBOMI is one of Australia’s fastest growing apps that give you the tools to better manage your money and build a better life. Signing up is easy and there is a free option for you to take advantage of.

Join thousands of Australian’s on their journey to a life beyond money and start today.

UBOMI comes with all kinds of tools and features to enable you to live a life beyond money. Know your spending, grow your savings and budget and save like a boss with UBUDGET’s analytics features. Access your one stop shop and score epic deals and discounts with the USHOP ecosystem. Then take your money control to a whole new level with UMONEY management features.

UBOMI requires ID to verify your details and ensure that you are a real person and that its really you applying. This is to ensure that your account is secure and prevent forms of potential identity theft.

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