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Girl, 8, leaves adults in tears after sharing letter to Santa

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    An eight-year-old’s plea to Santa to use his magic to help her find ‘more friends and ‘get bullied a little less’ has broken millions of hearts around the world.<br>The little girl wrote the request on the bottom of her letter to Santa, which also included popular toys and gadgets like squishmallows and a mini iPad.<br>Her mother, Suzy Boliver, Pragmatic Play admitted her heart sank when she noticed the request on the otherwise normal Christmas list.<br> A Share this article Share 531 shares And others felt it too – thousands dropped comments in support of Suzy and her sweet daughter.<br>’I teach elementary school, this breaks my heart,’ one woman wrote. <br>’Childhood bullying has ruined my mental health in my late twenties, please protect her and be emotionally available,’ added another supporter. <br>Other parents also revealed they had found devastating wishes on their own children’s’ lists.<br> Mum Suzy Boliver, pictured with her husband, singer Bryan Boliver, shared the heartbreaking list on TikTok <br>’My nine-year-old daughter wrote “to be pretty” on hers, I have no words for the sadness,’ one mum cried. <br>’My seven-year-old brother wrote that he wanted his girlfriend back.’ <br>Some urged Suzy to help her daughter make friends.<br>’If you can’t then help her change schools,’ one mum said. <br>’My eight-year-old daughter has just finished her third week at a new school and is finally starting to shine again,’ another mum said. <br>

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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