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Your Money Love Language

Your Money Love Language

Are you aware of money love language? It’s an expression of affection to someone with a significant impact on your relationship with money.

You probably know about the five love languages written and explained by Dr. Gary Chapman back in 1992. It is about how you want to express and receive love when it comes to relationships, either romantic or with everyone around you.

When it comes to money, every individual has their own ways of spending, budgeting and saving. There is no one-size-fits-all because each of us has a different income and lifestyle.

To understand your relationship with money, you have to venture into the kind of money love language you have. Knowing and understanding your top money love language will help you with your final decision connected with money management. Once understood, it will totally help you achieve healthy money habits.

Acts of service

If you enjoy and feel most loved when someone hands you help, your love language is the act of service. For example, a friend in the office serves you a cup of coffee after noticing that you’re too sleepy, a family member helps you with a task, or your partner massages your back after a long tiring day. 

Coordinated with money, you love spending money on hiring someone to run errands for yourself and spending money on people to pamper you with manicures and pedicures is your priority. That’s how money works for you and makes you feel comfortable.

People with this kind of love language often use a budgeting app to do the spending tracking for them. Also, they feel prosperous when people help them to be financially stable and at the same time not neglect their life goals. If you’re one of them, be careful about lending friends money, because there is a tendency that once they provide you with any service you might not get payback but still understand them.

Money love language: Physical touch

People who feel more recharged when comforted by physical attention, hugs and kisses, and holding hands are the ones with this love language. When connected to money, people with physical touch as their love language always use cash and love having cash in their hands.  

As much as possible, they physically pay with cash and they don’t like online shopping because they want to get their purchases instantly. They are more careful with money spending when they physically feel it and when paying online, they have this tendency to purchase impulsively.

The advice for these people is to avoid using credit cards when they have big purchases. There are instances of not remembering the reason why they purchase those items and regretting them in the end.

Quality time

People whose love language is quality time are great at planning outings and reunions but do not want to spend more money. When they plan outings, they make sure that they will go to places that have lots of free activities. They love spending time with their closest friend personally more than doing it on a video call.

When you track their spending it is more on travel with their circle, or meeting with someone special in a coffee shop. They are not materialistic so that’s the last thing that you will notice in their spending. They have this feeling of being most supported when their money stays with them for a while but when it quickly leaves them, you must comfort them because something wrong happened

If you have a friend with this kind of love language, expect a weekly bonding talking about financial savings. And you have to make sure that you don’t spend too much on unnecessary expenses, such as dining at an expensive restaurant. After they track these expenses, they will be totally blamed if a money shortage arrives.

Money love language: Receiving gifts

If receiving gifts is your top love language, it only means material things make your heart better. Occasions make you more special when you accept something from someone. You also enjoy shopping, wrapping and giving gifts to those who are close to your heart.

People with this love language are the most impulsive. They don’t care about their bank balance as long as they can get what they want. Online shopping is one of their hobbies and every time they saw a delivery man in front of their houses it feels like Santa is carrying a gift for them.

The most overrated advice for people with this type of love language is to always spend wisely and keep a close eye on their budget. The best thing to do is to have a saving goal and reward yourself after achieving it.

Words of affirmation

If you love it when someone appreciates you, absolutely your love language is words of affirmation. Obviously, you cannot receive positive words from money, so how can we apply it financially? Then money talks are the definite answer.

You feel supported when someone cares for your finances and loves it when having a conversation about growing a business. Also, a cash-received confirmation from online banking will definitely complete your day. 

You are really good at saving money because words are enough for you. When you’re feeling down, reading some financial mantras or getting a piece of good news from your financial advisor will make you feel better. Lastly, the best advice for people having this kind of love language is to write down all their financial goals to achieve them faster.

If you liked our “Your Money Love Language” and find it useful, check our blog regularly to find out more budgeting tips.