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Workwear on a Budget

Workwear on a Budget

Heading back to the office is a new budget planning since you need to buy a new set of workwear. Because for more than two years of just simply wearing home clothes, many office workers cannot rely on their work wardrobe now. One reason is that their workwear doesn’t fit them well and needs to be changed.

Workwear is an office impression, you have to follow the clothes’ requirements in order to jive and feel belong in the nature of your workplace. Looking for workwear to spice up your wardrobe is a very challenging activity. You have to prepare a budget and look for a clothing brand and store that will satisfy your needs.

But before buying new clothes, you have to review your wardrobe first and start to declutter. Set aside clothes that you can still use in the office and perfectly fit you. It is one way to save if you’re on a budget. Old clothes can be matched with new clothes, you just have to be experimental.

It is advised that you have a specific place for your working clothes for you to easily acknowledge clothes that you can only use in the office. It is also a way for you to be prepared in the office earlier and avoid being late to manage your office performance.

But how can you still look presentable in finding workwear even if you’re on a budget?

Be creative and do mix and match

Whether you’re required to wear formal attire, semi-formal or casual attire, it doesn’t mean that once you wore a specific attire, you cannot wear it again. Be creative, add some accessories that would make you feel you’re wearing a new outfit.

You don’t have to buy new clothes fortnightly, that’s too costly. The secret is to mix and match and explore. One piece of advice is to invest in accessories that will make you more fashionable.

Basic workwear

Basic clothes are your everyday saviour. Do not wear too many prints in the office, it will give core memories to your officemate and every time that you’re wearing that clothe it makes them feel that you’re wearing it again and again.

It is also easy to mix and match with basic clothes. Adding accessories to it will make the outfit more special. Basic clothes are best partnered with blazers if you want them to look formal.

Make your workwear as simple as possible. If you’re not good with colour coordination, you will look perfect with the black skirt/slacks and a white polo. Always remember that nothing beats the classic.

Keep an eye out for sales

As an office person even though life is very busy, shopping is also essential. Sometimes you deserve to treat yourself, especially to the things that will benefit you. So if there is a workwear sale in the mall, it’s time for you to buy.

Buy sale clothes that are perfectly fit for you and you can wear them for a long time. Also, imagine wearing those clothes with your existing clothes. For example, if there are sale pants, imagine wearing them partnered with your tops at home. It is an easy way to mix and match even if you’re still in the store.

Visit op shops

There are hidden gems in opportunity shops, you may find expensive-looking workwear for a cheap price. You just have to look harder if you’re really on a budget. Sometimes you can find very good-looking shoes that only need a minor polish.

Enjoying shopping in an op shop is also helping less fortunate people. Because op shops make money for charity work. So it is a give-and-take opportunity in which you’re having good workwear while helping people.

Choose comfy workwear

Your comfort must be your main priority in choosing workwear. Try to think of working eight hours wearing clothes that you’re not comfortable with, maybe you cannot work well in that scenario. There are plenty of office outfits that are budget-friendly and at the same time prioritising your comfy. 

Do not waste your money on expensive clothes that are not comfortable to wear. Yes, it will look nice to you, but after wearing it once you will not wear it again because you’re not comfortable wearing it. Keep in mind that you must wear clothes that have a positive effect on your work productivity.

Be yourself

Even if you’re wearing cheap clothes as long as you’re following the workwear requirement of your workplace and you can carry yourself while wearing them, you’re doing it well. Do not look after the comment of your officemate, always remember that in most competitions the audience impact has the least percentage. Just be yourself and make sure that you’re doing a good performance at work.

If you liked our “Workwear on a Budget” and find it useful, check our blog regularly to find out more tips on how to look expensive at work even if you’re on a budget.