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Ways to Up your Skill to Up your Salary

Ways to Up your Skill to Up your Salary

Many people avoid talking to colleagues about their salary or what they earn. However, how would you know if you’re getting paid what you’re worth? Learn how to negotiate to get what you deserve by reading these tips on how to up your salary.

Do market research about salary

You have to know your value in the job marketplace. Have confidence and learn how useful your skills and experience are to an employer.

There are ways to find salary information on certain jobs:

  • Browse the government’s job database or other job database for salary rates.
  • Use online salary calculators.
  • Research salary surveys by recruitment agencies.
  • Talk to recruitment agents or people from your industry.
  • Search the net for collective agreements.

Seek help and advice

You should seek out support, as having people to share experiences with will make things easier. Aside from, there are other employment support programmes available around the country. Most Australian cities have these local programmes:

  • jobactive – This website helps job seekers in finding a job and employers in finding staff. It’s the government’s job board for people with the right to work in Australia to use to search and apply for jobs. You can also watch interview videos on the website to practice answering common questions.
  • Job Outlook – Job Outlook’s Explore Australia, a useful search tool which shows jobs that are in demand in your local area. Job Outlook aims to provide accurate and up-to-date material for your search.
  • State and territory government jobs – You can also search for state public service jobs on the following websites:

Another option is to find a job mentor. There are professional career advisers and coaches who can give feedback and ideas on applications and interview techniques. 

During the interview

Talk confidently about your skills and experience during the interview. Avoid underselling yourself, but you have to back your answer with strong evidence that you’re worth it.

When you’re asked about pay and find it difficult to answer, offer a salary range. If the employer is the one who offers a range, you can get a good idea of your worth. Also, leave room to negotiate a higher salary.

After the interview

You don’t necessarily have to accept a job offer in the interview. Ask for a week to consider the offer. You can:

  • Ask for an employment agreement in writing, which includes a salary offer.
  • Read the employment agreement completely.
  • Have a lawyer, advocate, or friend to also read the employment agreement.
  • Get legal advice about your employment agreement.

Not happy with the salary offered?

Try to negotiate if you’re not happy with the salary offered. Before negotiation, you’ll need to:

  • Work out the minimum salary you’re willing to accept.
  • Be polite, give evidence of your value to the business, and be willing to compromise.
  • Decide whether to accept the job offer even if the employer won’t negotiate.

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