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Overpriced Products You Pay Way Too much For

Overpriced Products You Pay Way Too Much For

So much of your money is being spent on overpriced products that you can find far cheaper alternatives for. There are lots of things you’re willing to spend more money on such as food, health care, and shoes. However, there are also lots of things you won’t ever get caught paying top dollar for. Here’s how you can scale it back.


Cosmetics are pretty much the most overpriced products in the world. When lipstick sells for $70, concealer for $80, and mascara for $60, it’s easy to see where your money regularly goes.

You probably prefer different brands for each item you buy. Through trial and error, you’ll hopefully know what works for you.

There are goods out there that do the same effect for a third or less of the cost. Cosmetic Capital and StrawberryNET are great sites to find cheaper alternatives. Buying from these stores might not have the same luxe experience as buying from department stores, nor the high price tag.


Pharmaceutical companies have a 20-year patent for the drugs they manufacture. When that patent expires, other manufacturers can make generic versions of those products. Generic medicines have the same active ingredients, dosage, side effects, safety, standards and testing procedures as branded medicines.

To compensate for the cost of research, development, marketing and advertising, branded medicines become more expensive. And because generic counterparts don’t have those costs, consumers benefit from those savings and get them cheaper.

Purebred pets

Not only are purebreds extremely overpriced, there are so many shelter pets desperately in need of a loving owner. We’ve all seen those ads telling us that many pets in Australia are unwanted and get dumped, either they spend their lives in shelters or they are euthanised.

You’ll certainly get the same amount of fun and love from those pets no matter how purebred they are or where you get them from. So head to the local shelter or RSPCA Australia, where hundreds of purebreds and crossbreds are waiting for a good home and less of a cost after they are vaccinated, micro-chipped, and de-sexed.

Paperback books 

With hundreds of free and downloadable books on e-readers, and a library in most suburbs, this is not rocket science. There’s nothing like the smell of new books, however, when it comes to saving your money as well as the environment, it is a double win.

Most likely you’ll read a book once or twice before putting it back on the shelf. So it’s much better to invest in an e-reader which can contain thousands of novels without the actual weight.

Wedding supplies

When you find out that the average cost of weddings in Australia is $36,000, it will make you think twice about such a huge expense. Talk about overpriced good times.

Spending a fortune on an endless list of costs, such as dress, suits, invitations, flowers, venue, food, alcohol, decorations, photography, cars, hair, makeup, accommodation, entertainment, cake, rings, seems wasteful and that’s just the beginning of your expenses as a married couple.

Make your dream wedding a reality while prioritising what the two of you want. Start saving early, be smart with the headcount, and don’t tell your suppliers it’s for a wedding. That word can increase prices 150%.

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