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More Ways To Earn Extra Cash

More Ways To Earn Extra Cash

There has never been an easier time to earn extra cash in Australia. There are so many opportunities if you’re looking for ways to earn some bucks. You don’t even have to limit your services down under. You can also have more success in targeting customers in New Zealand, the UK, or the United States.

First, you have to create a portfolio of offerings of skills you’ve acquired throughout your professional life. You can do appointment making, travel bookings, personal shopping, and other tasks for your customers. Here’s a list of more ways to earn extra cash.

Make cash by completing surveys

Take paid online surveys whenever you have spare time. You can boost your income by taking surveys for cash. Earn over $200 a month if you sign up for Australian survey companies. You have to register for more than one of the top survey sites to be successful in taking online surveys.

Freelance writing and blogging

If you can string words together to form a sentence, freelance writing is an excellent way to earn extra cash. Businesses always need content for websites, press releases, memos, and more. Blogging is how most writers are earning their income online and many started this just as a hobby. It’s just easy and cheap to start off. 

Your income from blogging can come from sponsorships, advertising, affiliate marketing, sales, and the>

Test websites and provide feedback

You can earn $10USD per 20-minute by testing websites and giving feedback. User testers provide useful feedback about web navigation and use. Aside from clear spoken English, what you’ll also need is a good internet>

Data entry

Data entry jobs could be what you’re looking for if you have experience typing quickly and accurately. Try to look for these jobs on Upwork, Seek, and


If you have an excellent eye for detail, you can be a proofreader, one of the jobs you can do>

Review music

Record companies and publishers get feedback before releasing new music in the market. You’ll be rewarded for sharing your opinions on new records before they hit the>

Scan your groceries

Did you know that you can earn vouchers, redeem items, and win prizes by scanning the barcodes of your groceries? After you sign up, you’ll be sent a handheld scanner in the mail. Scan the item’s barcode and enter the price into the scanner. This information will be transmitted weekly.

Your account will be credited with points. These can be used to redeem items included in the catalogue such as electronics, household items, toys, and gift cards.

If you liked our “More Ways To Earn Extra Cash” and find it useful, check our blogs regularly for more information on how to get out of debt and updates on the best budgeting apps in Australia.