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How To Save Money On Fuel

How To Save Money On Fuel

With the increasing price of petrol, you want to drive as efficiently as possible so you can conserve fuel and save money. These easy tips can help you save bucks on fuel and make your car go further between refills.

Use your car less

Plan your trips and combine the smaller ones as multiple shorter trips use more fuel. Also, if you use your car less, you cut fuel costs. Other options include public transport, carpooling, riding a bike, and walking.

Take care of your car to save fuel

Having a car service regularly can help to keep the running cost down. Some of the best practices for car care include: 

  • Make sure the fuel and ignition systems are in good working order.
  • Keep the filters in good condition.
  • Finely tuned engine.
  • Change engine oil regularly using the correct grade as recommended by the manufacturer.

Check the tyre pressure is correct

You can find the suggested tyre pressure on the tyre placard, on the driver’s door, inside the glove box, or on the fuel filler flap. Once a week, while your tyres are still cold, check the pressure.

Make sure your tyres are inflated to a slightly higher pressure than stated in the car handbook. Doing so will help in fuel economy and much safer handling.

Check also if the wheel alignment is set correctly and the brakes are not dragging to avoid rolling resistance and using up more fuel.

Reduce weight in your car to save fuel

Toolboxes, golf clubs, and other added weight can increase fuel consumption. Reduce unnecessary weight in your car.

External attachments such as roof racks can increase wind resistance. If possible, remove them when not in use. Otherwise, carefully load them to minimise wind resistance and fuel use.

More tips to save money on fuel

The following can also reduce wear and tear on your tyres, brakes, and other mechanical parts. They can also help save on running costs:

  • Use cruise control and maintain a steady speed to drive smoothly.
  • If you’re driving an automatic, ease back on the accelerator once the car has gained speed.
  • Change car gears and use the gearbox.  
  • Avoid an idle engine for too long. 
  • Avoid heavy traffic at peak hours.
  • Take 20 km/h off your speed to reduce fuel consumption by 25%.
  • Less use of the car’s AC. Use practical ventilation by keeping the windows up.
  • If your car’s transmission has power and economy modes, make sure to use economy mode so the transmission up-shifts earlier.
  • As opposed to a warm engine, a cold engine is less fuel-efficient and also emits more pollutants.

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