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Energy Bills Saving Tips During Winter

Energy Bills Saving Tips During Winter

During winter, we spend more time at home and we end up using more energy than usual. Here’s how to save money on heating bills this winter, plus some easy ways to keep warm and cosy.

Before we get into these easy tips, it’s better to understand where the average Australian home uses the most energy.

Keep the Heat In

At least one-third of winter heat can leak out from windows. Open the curtains or blinds during the day and shut them at night to stop heat from escaping (traps heat during the day and keeps it in at night). Also, make sure the bathroom windows aren’t left open.

Seal up holes in walls or foundations as they let heat escape. Use gap filler for cracks in the wall, a weather stripper for windows, and doors snakes to stop cold draughts from coming in.

If you are using heaters, keep it to the room you’re in and make sure it isn’t escaping.

Monitor Use and Consider Off-Peak Plans

With traditional metres, you have to wait and see as the bill arrives what your actual power use is. Consider installing a smart metre, which enables you to monitor use yourself.

You might even consider switching your energy plan for either off-peak water heating or a time-of-use electricity plan.

Invest in Warm Clothes

Spend a portion of your heating cost on buying cheap household winter clothes instead. Choose materials that retain heat, like fleece and wool. Get jumpers, tracksuits, thermal layers, socks or slippers, etc. from economical retailers, such as Kmart or Lowes.

Before turning the heater on, wear a dressing gown or cosy jumper and then see how you feel. It’s better to wear several thin layers when dressing in winter. This helps with insulation and makes it easier to just add or remove clothing according to the temperature.

You can take a hot water bottle with your blankets to bed instead of electric blankets. Also, don’t forget to keep your feet warm with socks or slippers as this will help your body retain heat.

Reverse-Cycle Is Your Friend

Use the reverse cycle of an air conditioner for a much cheaper cost compared to gas or electric heaters. With an efficient air conditioner, it costs about 30 cents to warm up the house before work, or $1.50 if you used it all day. It doesn’t cost as much as $4.80 for all-day use of ducted gas.

Switch Energy Provider

Check if you’re getting enough bang for your buck. There is a free Australian government energy price comparison service, for which all providers are required to give data of their plans.

If you liked our “Energy Bills Saving Tips During Winter” and find it useful, check our blogs regularly for more information on how to get out of debt and get updates on the best money app in Australia.