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Christmas Ideas How to Save Money this Holidays

Christmas Ideas: How to Save Money this Holidays

Christmas season, one of the most spend-inducing times of the year, can be a struggle for most families. Usually, the build up in shopping starts in November and continues until the day before Yuletide.

However, the occasion can still be festive without the huge bill. Here are our top Christmas ideas to help you save money during the Holiday season.

Create a budget for gifts and stick to it

christmas gift list

When you add the gift purchases on top of food, drink, and all those retail specials, it gets a bit wobbly. An exact amount for a gift budget should be worked out and it should only be an amount you can afford to spend.

So, what’s affordable and realistic? Go through your expenses. Having all of your usual living expenses laid out in a budget will allow you to see what is affordable this year.

The gifts can consume much of the festive season budget. So, grab a piece of paper or use your notes app and start creating a gift list. Write down gift ideas that may spring to mind. These are for family members, friends, work colleagues etc. you’d like to give presents to this year.

Set aside a gift budget throughout the year so it’s gradual and won’t come as a surprise. But, and this is important — make sure you don’t prioritise Christmas gifts over household bills.

Our free Ubudget is the perfect tool to get you saving now.

Secret Santa

The number of people you give gifts for yearly can quickly snowball out of control. Suggest Secret Santa instead. It’s an excellent and fun way to save money.

With a set budget, you’ll be randomly assigned a person to buy a gift for. There are online generators that can make this process easy. Then, allow participants to add wish lists and send anonymous questions to be sure that the receiver will enjoy what he gets.

Shop Online

Instead of fighting your way through swarms of people at the shops, why not leisurely look over the online marketplace? Online shopping for Christmas presents can really save you time and money. 

Go online and compare prices and look for exclusive discounts for your gift list. Most brands have extended deals and promotions and offer exclusive sales for their online members. You’ll also find online stores that offer options where you can choose gift wrapping, personalised tags, and a gift receipt to return goods.

Get ready for some amazing gift deals for your loved ones before the Yuletide shopping madness starts.

Shop with cash

physical stores

On the flip side of the coin, if you still want to stick to tradition and visit physical stores, use your money in hand. You should abide by this rule for your Christmas gift shopping. People spend billions in card transactions, *ahem credit card debt*, during the month of December, in which the rate seems to increase every year.

Aside from shopping with cash, you only spend the money you earn between now and Christmas. That way you shop within your means.

Trim the trimmings

Try purchasing ingredients that are pre-prepared or ready-cooked at nearby supermarket stores. Consider swapping out turkey for a roast chicken. Choose fresh seasonal vegetables like asparagus over peas. Smaller birds and seasonal produce are more affordable and you won’t get short-changed on taste too.

You can also fire up the BBQ for a non-traditional Christmas feast such as fresh seafood, salads, and summer fruits.

If you liked our “Christmas Ideas: How to Save Money this Holidays” and find it useful, check our blogs regularly for more information on how to get out of debt and get updates on apps to help finances in Australia