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Cheap Father's Day Gifts 2022

Cheap Father’s Day Gifts 2022

Father’s Day is coming. If you’re on a budget and in need of affordable presents for dads, we’ve listed some of our favourite cheap Father’s day gift ideas for your consideration.

Gifts for the javaphile or coffeeholic dad

For the dad who works late hours or has small kids, how about something to keep him awake? If your dad is a javaphile, a person who loves coffee, give him the tools he needs to make his favourite cuppa at home. This could be a stovetop espresso maker, matched with a keep cup and coffee beans. You can also consider these cheap coffee machines and coffee mug warmer.

Gifts for the foodie dad

Wondering what to get the foodie dad who has all those kitchen gadgets, or want to subtly encourage them to up their cooking game? Cookbooks are perfect for dads whose idea of cooking involves barbecues or meat and two-veg.

Other Father’s Day gift ideas for foodies include:

Cheap Father’s Day gifts for the geeky dad

Toys for grown-up boys include a lot of tech gadgets that aren’t too expensive. For your active man, you won’t go wrong with some budget-friendly action cameras or remote-controlled drones to capture those exciting adventures.

Some tiny toys can also pack a hefty punch even on a budget. So start scouting for a cheaper version of wireless and bluetooth earphones or smartwatches.

Products for the personal-grooming-enthusiast dad

This might be the time to suggest to your dad a skincare routine upgrade, especially if he’s been doing skin-care regimen since he was a teen. Now, there’s a wide range of skincare products aimed at men to help minimise wrinkles, and lift and firm the skin.

Get your dad a face mask, or menswear, or aftershave and cologne. Here are some more affordable skincare products for Father’s Day gifts:

Accessories and items

Ties and bow ties can make a stylish Father’s day gift, particularly if you’re trying to give your dad some fashion credilbility. Or, you simply want to give him something that goes with his work shirts in his wardrobe.

A wallet can also be a good choice for your money-saving dad who wants to stash his cash and cards in style. Throw in a pair of sunglasses as well.

Cheap Father’s Day gifts for the workaholic dad

One of the most practical dad accessories has to be a notebook or stationery for his doodling and to-do lists. Of course, you can always pair it with a fountain pen if your dad is a scribe or he’s always signing documents at work.

For those working dads on-the-go with their laptop, give him a sturdy laptop case, or a headphone for his Zoom calls.

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