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Cheap Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Cheap Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Arts and crafts are one of those fun activities people of all ages can undertake, the value is even double when parents and their child do it together. All it takes is a raft of materials, glue and scissors, and sheer creativity. What if finances limit the range of materials you can use? You can still work around it.

Here are arts and crafts ideas for children that can be done on a budget.

Arts and crafts idea: Pastel scribble sheet

A scribble sheet is a simple piece of abstract art. Required materials include a sheet of white paper, oil pastel, watercolour paint and brushes, and tape to hold down the paper. Hold down the paper with tape and let your child run the pastels all over. Once enough strokes have been made, follow up with the watercolour paint in any stroke possible. Pastel colours are noted to be more visible against watercolours.

Paper mosaics

Paper mosaics are complicated but easy affairs. For paper mosaics, one would require putting together coloured paper, thick paper or cardstock, glue, and scissors. The mosaic would be based on a design drawn on the cardstock. All it takes is to cut up the coloured paper into bits that will gradually fit in the design.

Windsocks or chimes

Windsocks or windchimes can be made out of disposable or old items then hung over outdoor areas. One idea for a windsock is to paint a recycled tin can and attach coloured ribbons to the bottom. The tin can’s bottom lid will be removed by the can opener. For custom wind chimes, one possible idea is to attach a medium-sized twig to a hanging rope. On the twig itself, you can use old keys dangling underneath their own ropes.

Arts and crafts idea: Toilet paper roll crafts

If you have spent toilet paper rolls, you can refashion them with coloured paper and create new works of art. Some ideas include monster puppets, race cars (with cardboard circles as wheels, and rockets (with cardboard or thicker paper as fins and nosecones).

Chalk drawings

Chalk drawings

If your property has ample concrete space including the driveway, that can be your canvas to draft up chalk art. A set of chalk is what you need to start drawing. A chalk holder may be essential to keep the stick stable and not have the chalk dust on your fingers.

Rainbow wands

If you have a daughter, one fantasy they might have is to act like a fairy. You can sate that appetite by combining a wooden stick with a cut-up star on one end. From the star, thin strips of coloured paper may be glued on.

Arts and crafts idea: Flower bookmarks

If your child has an interest in plants and reads a lot as well, you can add up to the interest by picking up flowers that are still in fresh condition. On a specific page of a book, line up the sides of the page with baking paper and gently close the book. The baking paper can absorb whatever moisture is still on the flower, avoiding the embarrassment of a stained page.

Painted salad utensils

Some parents may enjoy whipping up a salad and encourage their children to explore such a healthy eating choice. To that end, you can add up to the interest by buying a set of wooden serving spoons and forks. Slightly sand down the utensils’ handle to ensure that acrylic or enamel paint applied to them will stick well. The serving area of the spoon and fork will be wrapped up with masking tape for the time being as the paint is applied. Once the paint is dry, you can remove the tape and apply non-toxic sealant to the painted area.

Coloured rocks

Some kids may not be familiar with colours and need visual reminders from time to time. Collect a few palm-sized stones and have a set of paints and paintbrushes ready; acrylic paint is most suited to the task. Apply a thin coat to one side of the stone and let it dry, then proceed to the other side and repeat the procedure. Allow them to dry then apply sealant. When they have completely dried, write the colour on one side using a permanent marker. 

Glitter jars

Glitter jars

Glitter jars are simple to create and have some therapeutic purposes as well. You will need a clean jar of jam, glitter glue, a pack of glitter, some food colouring and water to fill up. Start by filling up the jar half-full with warm water and mix it with glitter glue and food colouring. Add in a desired amount of a specific colour of glitter, and fill in the remaining water up to near-full, then close the jar. Shake the jar to see the glitters moving.

Take the time to explore the limits of creativity together with your kid. You might have a chance to bond even more.

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