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Black Friday 10 Shopping Tips

Black Friday: 10 Shopping Tips

This year’s Black Friday will be happening on the 25th of November and guess what, most Australian shopaholics are now excited about it. Understandable that this is a one-time big-time spending day in Australia and all countries that celebrated the same event. In fact, the total amount of spending in Australia alone on Black Friday to Cyber Monday last year jumped 7 per cent compared to 2019 amounting to $3.8 billion.

Black Friday anecdotes

Black Friday originated in the USA which they celebrated after thanksgiving at the stroke of midnight. It was named so after plenty of people went out to shop which caused traffic, accidents, and worse, violence.

A long time ago, Black Friday in Australia was not always about shopping or spending money. It is a very controversial and devastating event in Victoria. It is called the Black Friday bushfires that happened on 13th of January 1939. This event created a traumatic experience for the Australian community since it was a really big fire that lasted for the whole summer and even affected New Zealand with falling ashes.

So to end the negative vibe about what happened, Australia promoted this as an event shopping in 2011, where they can buy sale items in-store and online. The event is really a big help to Aussies since most of the items from their favourite store and even luxury brands are on sale and freebies are given if they buy one from the sale items of the store.

Many Australians are participating in the Black Friday shopping spree as they start holiday shopping since Christmas is along the way. The shopping spree is commonly celebrated during weekends and merges with Cyber Monday.

Now the question is — can you participate in this hassle-free? To make it easy for you to shop this coming 25th of November, we collected 10 tips that you can practice in your shopping.

1. List your priorities

Before going to stores and to avoid buying impulsively, make a priority list. You can roam around your house and write down things that your household needs. Also, you can add to your list all your wish items. Sometimes, it is better to treat yourself because you deserve it after a long, hard day.

2. Shop early

Black Friday usually starts as soon as the clock strikes midnight. However, some stores start offering deals earlier so you have to keep updated. Check every online update regarding your Black Friday wishlist.

According to some analysts, it is a good strategy to shop earlier this year, not only because the best deals are arriving as early as possible but also because they can be tagged as sold-out very quickly.

Since Black Friday is also the start of Christmas gift shopping, especially for kids, there is a big chance that toys will be out of stock early. So if you’re planning to shop for specific toys, you better keep an eye out.

3. Social media awareness

Maximise your social media use such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure to follow your favourite retailers because they will surely update their accounts timely about their sale products and hot deals.

Also, by following their social media accounts you will be notified if one of your wishlists is still available in their shop. If it is sold out, you don’t have to waste your time visiting their store.

There are also social media communities that are giving updates about the best deals in town so you better join them now on social media.

4. Stick to your budget plan

Australians are aware that overspending during Black Friday is normal due to the big sales. But always remember that you still have a life after the event. Don’t be a one-time millionaire, it is still important that you manage your money right. You can use budgeting applications intended for Black Friday spending.

5. Explore Black Friday loyalty programs

There are stores that offer loyalty programs that can give you access to their sale items, promotions and even coupons. Being a member can give you rewards or points that will help you save more during Black Friday. So before the most awaited shopping spree, explore those loyalty programs so you will experience better shopping.

Additionally, there are online stores that allow customers to pick up their items in-store. If you’re just near that specific store you can pick up your purchase and through that, you can save money on shipping fees.

6. Price check

Never be amazed by the buy one take one sale, there are stores that are using it as strategies. Sometimes they are tagging it as is, but in reality, you are really paying for two items.

It is really important to do a price check before purchasing. It will help you to avoid being an impulsive shopper. But if there’s an opportunity where you find some great sales which offer legit buy one take one. Although purchase it if you really need it.

7. Check the Return Policy

Always keep in mind the retailers’ policy about returning an item. Many in-store item purchases don’t come with this kind of policy since you can actually see the item personally, but there are some that do.

Sometimes when you are excited to buy the items, you tend to forget to double-check if there are damages with them. This is incorporated into being a smart shopper. And to avoid these scenarios, ask about the return policy of the store.

When you purchase online, awareness is the key. You are not really aware of the condition of the items since you only see them in pictures. So before checking out, always make sure to be clear about the return policy.

8. Be aware of the crowd

With so many deals, it’s quite hard to avoid crowded places. So be physically ready and healthy. Otherwise, your option is to shop online.

As long as possible, do not bring kids when you shop. They might get lost and be one of your problems. Ask someone to babysit them during Black Friday so you can enjoy shopping.

9. Open your mobile location

Do not forget to opt-in to share your location when you shop online. It is important that the app is functioning properly. You will also benefit from easy notification when there is a sale near you.

10. Cheapest set

Super low prices can easily get your attention. But always check if there are no issues, most especially on gadgets and appliances. Ask the seller if you can try it in-store to ensure that it is working. If not, choose another stock or don’t buy it.

During Black Friday, our goal is to shop smartly and buy items hassle-free. If you have time, you can read product reviews online to get more tips on what is the best deal to buy. 

Being a smart shopper is the best way to save.

If you liked our “Black Friday: 10 Shopping Tips” and find it useful, check our blogs regularly for more information on how to get out of debt and get updates on apps to help finances in Australia.