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10 Commonly Forgotten Expenses

10 Commonly Forgotten Expenses

It seems that most Australians cannot tell exactly how much they spend on a regular basis. As a result, these infrequent costs really blow the budget. Here are the 10 commonly forgotten expenses to save for to avoid getting caught short.

1. Annual physical

You are supposed to have a physical checkup annually and visit the dentist twice a year for regular cleanings. Among these are other regular screenings or preventative tests you should also get depending on your age. 

2. Medication expenses

The medication expenses can really use up your budget if your family takes a lot of medicines. The good news is the government has programs like the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and Medical Safety Nets to lower out-of-pocket medical costs.

3. Haircuts

Men’s haircuts are much cheaper than women’s and can be done for $10 – $20. If they’re maintaining a long hairstyle, women tend to pay more for a simple trim and wash. How much more they pay for this expense depends on the style and extras.

4. Oil changes

Other than regular car inspections, do not forget to include oil changes in your budget. Before an oil change, most of today’s cars can go farther than 5,000 kilometres every 3 months. Usually, they can go between 8,000 and 12,000 kilometres, or up to 16,000 kilometres. 

Some newer cars have oil monitoring systems that give reminders when it’s time to change your oil. Check the car owner’s manual for oil change recommendations from the manufacturer.

5. Car registration and insurance

All registered vehicles in Australia, with the exception of trailers, are required by law to have a minimum insurance. It is the compulsory third party personal injury or CTP Greenslip insurance. Every car with the recent registration sticker has this insurance because vehicles cannot be registered without this certificate.

CTP insurance covers anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident for medical and disability costs that result from the accident, except the driver who caused the accident.

6. Babysitter

Do you need a break from taking care of your kids for a while? Babysitters are lifesavers, keeping you sane from a hectic parenthood.

If you hire a babysitter, you want to treat them well so that they’d come back and sit again for you. You put them in charge of your kid’s safety, so paying the right price for their service is important.

7. Pet care expenses

In Australia, there’s an estimation of at least 24 million pets in households. This makes the country one of the highest rates of pet ownership worldwide, with 62% owned pets.

Aussies spend an estimate on: 

  • dogs — $1,475 each annually
  • cats — $1,029 each annually.

That’s on average, where other pets will cost more than usual.

8. Pest prevention

Preventing pests is better than cure. Pest control and prevention require knowledge as well as good products. Search for your pest prevention professionals online to provide you with an effective solution.

9. HVAC seasonal maintenance

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) maintenance should be a regular practice before the summer season. With extreme heat nowadays, a preventative maintenance schedule is necessary for all HVAC equipment. Include it into your budget in spring or fall.

10. Tax expenses

Don’t let the tax expenses sneak up on you, whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner. Always make an allotment for your taxes from your monthly salary. You can also hire a registered tax agent to avoid the stress when lodging your tax return.

If you liked our “10 Commonly Forgotten Expenses” and took away some valuable information, check our blog space regularly for more tips on getting out of debts and updates on the best Australian budget apps.